Hi there, we’re Riskatto

We’re building a new way for both non-technical executives and technical information security teams to quantify the risks that ransomware present to their business.

Our Story

The team behind Riskatto is the same team that created FortyNorth Security. Our roots are in offensive security. At FortyNorth Security, we’ve spent years assessing network and endpoint security defenses for public and private organizations. Consistently over the last couple years, we’ve been asked by clients to estimate “how bad a ransomware attack would be” in their network. We never had a good answer. Out of these requests, Riskatto was born. Riskatto started as a small piece of software designed to be run at the end of a penetration test. The goal was to provide clients with a snapshot of the business impact a ransomware attack (or data breach) could cause their organization.

As months passed and the threat of ransomware grew, our team realized the need for a tool like Riskatto extended beyond those organizations requiring our penetration testing services. So we turned Riskatto into a SaaS product. Businesses of all sizes can run a Riskatto scan to gain a wholistic view of the risk ransomware presents to their IT network. We’re especially excited by repurposing Riskatto scan data to improve the cyber insurance underwriting process and helping vendor risk management teams gain greater visibility into supply chain risk.

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Our Core Values

Transparent & Honest

We're an open book. We'll share exactly how our technology works.

Safety & Security Focused

Safeguarding the integrity of your network is paramount. Our software is built with safe defaults and does not encrypt any data.


Riskatto helps organizations make smarter decisions by quantifying risk. Our product is built with the same data-driven mindset.

Our Leadership

Chris Truncer

Chief Visionary Officer

Jared Blatt

Chief Revenue Officer

Joe Leon

Chief Product Officer